The Many Flavors of Audio and Recording It

Audio is one of those things that can make or break an experience, whereas the visual has somewhat stayed the same over the last few years, audio is currently in a state of evolution. It all started with monaural in the days of the phonograph; then there was stereophonic. In the century following the advent of more theatrical sound. Last but not least, but much more recently, you have audio experiences that aim to create or emulate 3-dimensional spaces. These different flavors consequently aimed at enhancing our sound in different ways.

First There Was One

Mono is just one channel; the best example is when listening to a track via headphones. What you hear in both ears during playback is identical, and the experience is often flat. For some experiences, this may be what the end goal is, but it does not offer much in the way of specifically discerning … Read More

Primary Services Offered by an ISP to Its Customers

Web access, DNS, messaging and website hosting services are the primary services offered by an ISP to its customers. ISPs also have their own set of internal data networks to manage net connectivity and provide associated access services. You may also wonder, “What are ADSL and VDSL?”

ADSL and VDSL are two technologies that use the traditional telephone line for Internet data, TV streaming and telephone (VoIP). When you connect to the Internet through your ISP, you establish communication between you and the ISP using a simple protocol. This Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), is a protocol that allows you to port two remote computers without these having an IP address. This protocol is a procedure for the operator to connect a subscriber’s line to his network.

Internet service providers usually offer you many offers designed to meet your needs: different levels of connection, modems, or any associated services. The telephone network … Read More

Tips for Managing the Overall Well-Being of Your Employees

As any smart business owner knows, their employees are their most valuable asset. Without skilled professionals to run all aspects of your business’s operations, you’re not going to have a business. However, too often many owners spend their time trying to improve productivity by upgrading technologies and processes. It’s time to take a step back and see how managing the well-being of your most valuable assets can work to improve overall business productivity.

With the expansion of the digital age, there are many employees who are fully capable of performing at least part of their work from home. While it’s essential to most businesses to have employees that can meet with clients and be present at the business for meetings, it’s also important to give these employees the freedom to spend some time away from their office. A good rule of thumb is to offer the ability to work … Read More