A Handy Guide to Linux Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting gained traction in the nineties when renting out a whole physical server proved to be pricey. Reselling business model capitalizes on this factor by partitioning and leasing out the allotted hard disk space, bandwidth and RAM to the potential customers at a marked-up price. Usually, reseller companies buy portions of the server in bulk so to get it at a favourable price, only to sell to a niche customer base for a profit. Reseller hosting provides you with the flexibility of designing the plans according to your business goals.

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If you have already decided on the hosting the next question that would come to your mind would be whether to go for Linux hosting or a Windows hosting.

This article would serve as a handy guide to Linux Reseller Hosting.

Linux Hosting

With so many perks associated with a Linux OS, it makes it the most preferred … Read More

Blockchain in Accounting & Finance: What About Cash Advances?

Bockchain already represents the most effective disruptive force. It’s applicable to a large variety of functions. Blockchain will further change the payments field and alter accounting and finance for the better. So, let’s discover more about blockchain and its benefits for merchants. By the way, if you’re interested in business funding like cash advances for merchants, this article will also be helpful for you.

Blockchain in Accounting & Finance

Blockchain can be described as a type of distributed ledger technology designed to digitally record data into blocks (packages) that can’t be changed. When blockchain is used below a distributed ledger, it starts ordering and validating the transactions in the ledger.

The operation of blockchain is based on advanced cryptography and a series of fail-safes. As a result, the integrity of data gets stored within blocks, every single block gets connected and maintained across a computer network providing real-time communication.

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You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Know

If you are ever looking for a better way with your customers you are going to have to start with getting the right software. This essentially means getting familiar with your customers if you are not tracking their buying habits. If you accurately assess what is happening inside of your business with your customer relationships have a better chance to know what it is going to take to get repeat business. That is an intricate part of your business process, and your inability to retain customers is going to reflect in your revenue.

Retaining Customers

It is much easier to retain customers than it is to acquire new customers over and over again. You do not want to put yourself in a business model where you are constantly using new marketing to attract new customers because it is going to be too costly. If you have not found a way … Read More

A boon for the artists: spotify playlist placement

A briefing on Spotify

Spotify is a freemium music streaming platform which has a number of playlists available in different languages of the globe. A platform ideal for both listeners as well as creators, it is considered to be the most suitable one for the artists to promote their music and reach out to their target audience. With the recent updates in the app, the music promotion has become more dynamic. This article speaks primarily of the various methods of music promotion and focuses on the latest one, spotify playlist placement.

The other promotion techniques

The following are some of the common and popular modes of promotion of an artist’s Spotify profile and the associated playlists: –

  • Social media promotion, which is the easiest and cheapest of the methods. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. aid in this purpose of growth and help in attracting the target
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What Is The Use Of Organic Soundcloud Promotion

Great music can be soothing to a person’s ears. It can literally solve any issues of a person’s life. Good music is like a medicine which can solve even mental issues like depression, social anxiety. It also helps in connecting people and is even necessary to make a social standing. However, creating good music is very difficult and what is even more difficult is to market it. Big sound production companies spend millions on creating and marketing their music. This is where small companies and independent artists lag behind. Soundcloud companies come to rescue of such companies and indie artists. Though, there are many artist and companies which cannot back their music through paid promotions. They use organic promotions in such cases.


What are organic promotions?

Organic promotions are the promotions which do not the backing of any kind of financial aspect. These kinds of promotions are very useful for … Read More