A boon for the artists: spotify playlist placement

A briefing on Spotify

Spotify is a freemium music streaming platform which has a number of playlists available in different languages of the globe. A platform ideal for both listeners as well as creators, it is considered to be the most suitable one for the artists to promote their music and reach out to their target audience. With the recent updates in the app, the music promotion has become more dynamic. This article speaks primarily of the various methods of music promotion and focuses on the latest one, spotify playlist placement.

The other promotion techniques

The following are some of the common and popular modes of promotion of an artist’s Spotify profile and the associated playlists: –

  • Social media promotion, which is the easiest and cheapest of the methods. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud etc. aid in this purpose of growth and help in attracting the target audience easily. In Twitters, the play cards get shared directly and hence the listeners could listen to the music directly without going through any links.
  • Collaborations with other artists by reaching out and networking with them widens up the horizon for the music to get heard by the target audience. It also tags the profile of the artist under various URLs to make the music get tracked easily.
  • Keeping the Spotify profile active by regularly uploading music contents so that the fans keep their enthusiasm for listening to their artists’ tracks intact.
  • Another cheaper way is the creation of public playlists that can be followed by the people easily to listen to the new tracks and promote the music. This can get featured under the recent favourites of the app and even in the Billboard charts if done correctly.

Spotify playlist placement

spotify playlist placement is the latest upgrade of the app, as per which the track of the artist can be placed in a similar sounding playlist and hence it would provide the perfect forum for reaching out to the target audience easily. This is an organic mode of promotion and ensures reaching out to the people interested in that specific music genre. In this process, even new fans can be created to further widen up the fan base. The features of this upgrade are as follows: –

  • As per this feature, artists can directly send their unreleased music to the editorial team of Spotify for the consideration into their playlist and hence improvise the chances of getting their music promoted to the target audience.
  • It even added up more than 10000 artists into the Spotify editorial playlist and even increased the number of editors in the editorial board.

However, a misconception regarding the feature that needs to be cleared out is that sending the composes to the board does not guarantee it’s featuring on the editorial playlist.  Hence, no form of monetary influence would work and this might even lead to permanent blocking of the account.

On a concluding note

The new feature of spotify playlist placement is indeed a helpful one and a newer method of music promotion. Its judicious and diligent use only would ensure the desired fruits and all of the illegal third-party methods must not be encouraged to influence the editors.