What are some Pros and Cons of outsourcing your IT services?


IT services outsourcing involves entrusting an IT company to look after the responsibility of managing a business’s IT infrastructure and its processes. For any outsourcing project to become successful is it a must to assess the expectations of the company and formulate an IT management strategy that aligns well with the business. Not doing so can result in loss of business’s money and time. To help you make an informed decision whether you should outsource your IT tasks to professional or not we have here the pros and cons of doing so.

Advantages of IT Outsourcing

  • Focus on core abilities: Businesses especially the ones that are small and mid-sized find it difficult to take proper care of their internal IT needs as well business’s day to day operations at the same time. Here, outsourcing your IT support needs to a proficient managed IT Services company can help such enterprises to manage their business processing as well as properly maintain their IT system. Since IT firms are skilled at handling complex IT problems, outsourcing can allow the business to leverage their IT network more efficiently.
  • Access to Skilled Resources: Companies that do not have an extensive IT team often have to rely on one or two experienced IT professional that may not have time to tend to a system breakdown instantaneously. Since managed service providers offer their IT services to businesses across industries, they maintain a robust network of skilled IT professionals who can be easily accessed by businesses whenever there is a need.
  • Save Money: The biggest advantage businesses find by outsourcing their IT needs is that they do not have to invest heavily in the latest IT infrastructure.
  • Decreases Service Outage Risk: For any company that provides services to its clients, service outages are their major problem. The one advantage outsourcing IT here is that it helps such businesses to decrease the risk of service disruptions as they get access to several backups. Most IT support service providers also offer data recovery services to ensure that the business continues to function even in case of a significant data breach or data loss.

Disadvantages of IT Outsourcing


Wait Times: Time is the money of any business. A little time wasted in getting a network up and running is like losing revenue. In case a company has an internal IT team, addressing the IT defaults doesn’t take much time, on the contrary, waiting for the third party service provider to show up and check the system can eat a lot of business’s time. To prevent this from happening, ensure that you check estimated default resolution time and wait time before entering into any contract

 Losing Control: Joining hands with the wrong IT vendor can cost you more money than you thought you would save. It could happen because the service provider might ask you to invest in equipment your business might not need. Ensure that you have partnered with a reputed service provider.

Security and Trust Issues: Outsourcing your IT needs is like putting your trust on someone outside your business. Businesses become depended on such companies for their IT security and well-being. To make sure that your MSP has the best interest for you, check the SLAs besides doing a background check of the company.