Why Your Business Website Needs a Chatbot

The ever-growing importance of digital marketing and the need for every business to have a website continues to give rise to new technologies. One technology that we’re starting to see more of on company websites is the chatbot. While you may not be familiar with this type of website application, learning more about it can help you understand why your own website needs one.

What is a Chatbot?

Before you can determine your website’s need for a chatbot, it’s important to know what is involved. It may not be surprising to learn that a chatbot, such as those developed by Botpress, utilizes artificial intelligence to create an efficient interface with your website’s visitors. Once installed, the chatbot is available for chat sessions. The user typically believes they’re chatting with a real person, but this is really a sophisticated program designed to answer commonly asked questions. In some cases, the chatbot is programmed to refer users to a specific page on a website or may direct them to download a file. As AI technology has advanced, so has the capabilities of chatbots, allowing them to personalize experiences for each website visitor. Now, most chatbots can respond to more complex requests and are even capable of learning and improving their interactions as time goes on. However, even though they may seem like sophisticated programs, many chatbots rely on simple “if-then” statements to help them function. That may change as the technology advances, but, for now, pretty much anyone can program a chatbot.

What Can a Chatbot do for You?

Chatbots can be used in several different ways in addition to helping the customers who visit your website. You can even install one on your computer to act as a virtual personal assistant to help you schedule appointments and send you reminders for important dates. It can also be programmed to send you financial alerts, such as when your bank account is logged into from a new device or when your balance dips below a specified amount. If you travel for business or conduct business in a diverse community, you may need help translating language. A chatbot can do that for you, as well. They can also be programmed to run diagnostics on your system and send you a detailed report of the findings. This can help you identify problems early on. For small business owners and new entrepreneurs, the assistance a chatbot provides can be invaluable. The vast range of services it provides saves time for anyone, but, additionally, it can save money for business owners. Instead of hiring a real assistant, receptionist, or secretary, the chatbot can be programmed to fill these roles. Even the small price paid for the program is insignificant compared to the salary and benefits you would have to pay a live person. As you consider the benefits of utilizing a chatbot, you may soon find yourself wondering how you’ve manage this long without one. It can ensure your customers have a more positive experience, when visiting your website and it can help you track important events, appointments, and deadlines. As AI technology improves, there may soon be even more that a good chatbot can do for you.