Enhanced Communications with Modern Intranets

21st-century intranets have made businesses more efficient, profitable and empowered employees. Instant notification of company issues or a new marketing strategy is commonplace. Technologies to enhance connectivity are now available to any size of group or business.


Companies wanting to enhance communications have a few considerations. How much access should a company give to an employee? Intranets are essentially communication tools, management must decide on email notifications and the level of access to everyone or individuals.

•Small cost-efficient intranets can be developed for the organization, as a creativity tool. Used as a platform to establish goals for the company. Information is accessible to every employee.

  • Large enterprise-wide intranets require IT management teams. Security is a significant concern, as well as live updates and individual access issues. Large distributed intranets need the employee engaged and valued.Intranet solutions and their options continue to impress. Every new platform has advanced integrated technologies. Businesses are now taking full advantage of the new communication tools.Intranet software providers are developing complete solutions for different industries and roles within the organization. Igloo Software is an excellent example of a thorough approach. This platform aims to target a wide range of businesses with a single base. There are plenty of add-ons to enhance the functionality. Other intranet software companies target specific groups with unique add-ons.

    Intranet Types:

    •People and Ideas: This type of portal is designed to bring out creativity and ideas. Tools usually consist of specific knowledge libraries and databases. These intranets are heavy on blog and forum creation. Built for a small audience with an emphasis on collaboration.

  • Productivity and employee engagement: Designed as a central location for employees to engage and share ideas. These intranets will have an emphasis on integration with SalesForce, Zoho, and other CRM tools. The focus is on improving engagement and follow-up.
  • Internal communication: A lively workplace is the target of this intranet platform. There will be limited apps for outside engagement and heavy security. Features are integrated policy systems and individual account management. Small portals designed for a fewer amount of people, like upper management.
  • Enterprise and global communications: These portals can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world. This intranet is built from the ground up for thousands of employees. Multiple levels of access, from new hires to senior management moving around the world. Teams of IT employees manage the system.The modern intranethas evolved into a central information hub for the employee. Gone are bulletin boards and word of mouth policy changes. Managers can communicate exact workflow and company policy in real time. Push notifications, either company-wide or individual is a useful communication tool.

    Intranets using cloud platforms have transformed company communications from internal to global. Secure company interactions are now possible on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Global collaboration empowers the non-technical user. Employees can increase their dialogue with other workers, management, and company resources. These improved company communications are creating a more efficient organization.