The Importance of Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning, or SEL, is the process that helps children and adults learn and use the skills needed to do things, such as: show empathy, understand and control emotions, set and achieve goals, create and keep positive relationships, and make decisions that are responsible. There are many reasons why social emotional learning is important and we’re going to look at some of these next.

Relationship Skills

Having positive relationships are extremely important. Social emotional learning helps build the skills needed to create these relationships. For adults, these relationships help them not feel alone and, for children, these relationships help them know what to expect and look for as they get older. Not having relationships can result in many things, including: loneliness, depression, anxiety, and destructive behaviors. Look at it this way, if people don’t learn how to have positive relationships, then they won’t know how to have positive influences.


The next thing that social emotional learning helps with is learning self-awareness. Self-awareness is knowing things about yourself, such as: feelings, motivations, values, and character. Knowing these things really gives a person a sense of self. It helps people know who they are and what they believe. Not having self-awareness can cause people to do a lot of things that they probably shouldn’t because they’re trying to find themselves. They don’t know these things about themselves and they might have a hard time trying to figure it out. This can lead to a very lonely and depressing existence.

Decision Making

Another really important think is being able to make decisions. Social emotional learning will help people learn how to make decisions and give them the skills they need in order to choose the correct options. The last thing you want is to be indecisive or not be able to make a decision when you’re in the middle of a situation.

Stress Management

Another thing that social emotional learning can help people learn is stress management. Stress is one of those things that almost everyone deals with at some point or another. It’s just a part of life and you definitely want to know the skills it takes to deal with it effectively. Not being able to handle stress can lead to a lot of other issues that aren’t fun to deal with. Some of these issues include: headaches, tension, mood swings, fatigue, and stomach issues. These can make other parts of your life much harder to deal with as well.

Communication Skills

One last thing that social emotional learning helps with is communication skills. This is important because you can’t get anywhere in the world without communication. In addition, no communication skills can lead to not being able to form relationships or even be able to function in many other areas of your life. You’ll feel much less lonely and depressed if you’re able to communicate effectively.

As you can see, social emotional learning is extremely important. It really helps adults and children to learn and use the skills and knowledge they need to in order to achieve these things. They really help people have a better connection with themselves and others.