Entering and Updating Church Giving Software

Giving to a Church a certain portion of your earnings is called tithing. Traditionally software was written for businesses, and all of the company that the Church needed to do was taken care of by members of the Church who would volunteer their time and labor to the Church. The landscape of the way charitable or non-profit organizations carries out their business operations today. A church needs to keep track of many things today like addresses, phone numbers. Besides adding all this information to the system, there must be ways to input it and keep it update. As you can see this requires a full-time person to handle the input and upkeep.

Office Giving

We will focus on one aspect of Church-giving software, and that will be the record and its information, the file is the electronic format on which the data is kept and the kind of information it holds. A career in any bookkeeping software is referred to as a database. A database can be thought to be like all of the bingo cards in the Church and who uses which one and how much they spend a year playing bingo with the Church. If they have won in the past, how much and what days those were. The reason this kind of information is important is that at the end of the year, a non-profit organization is required by the US Government Tax Office to send out to every person in that organization a record of how much they gave to charity. This information can be used by the person to apply for tax deductions, which is allowed by the US Government Tax Office. In this reflection, we are distinguishing between “On premise and cloud” software like Tithe.ly and “strictly cloud software” like Revelations.

Database Versatility

A Church has to have a way for all kinds of users and visitors to the Church the ability to be added to the Church giving database, and that is why office software distinguishes between regular members and visiting members. For example, if you and your family were to travel across the country for a holiday and you attended a Church you liked and wanted to offer a gift, then you wouldn’t be considered a regular member but a visiting member. So, a visiting member or “guest” has the option of making a “one-time” gift or a “recurring” gift. Several circumstances dictate why a person would choose to gift on a recurring basis to a Church they are not a member. If the Church has a ministry or kind of work that the visitor felt strongly about, but didn’t have in his/her spiritual community, they may be inclined to give on a recurring basis. Lastly, a Church giving software allows the database type to be changed according to the needs of the subscriber. Flexibility in the database is essential if a person moves from the parish, children grow and graduate. A person dies, and his records are closed.