A Men’s Watch Buying Guide

Buying a watch for a man is more than a gift. It defines their personality, style and stature. A watch means so many things to men that buying one as a gift on a site such as https://www.watchshopping.com/men-s.html can feel like a daunting task.

Let the Watch Movement Narrow the Choices

The calibre, also called the movement, is a watch’s mechanism. Let’s say it’s the engine that powers the watch. Men’s watches have two types of movements: quartz and automatic. A quartz watch uses an oscillator to regulate it. The watch also keeps type using a battery.

An automatic calibre has a mainspring. This means a man must wind the watch to get it to move. A lot of the expensive, luxury watches like Rolex are automatic calibre watches. They typically last a couple of days or a week before a man must wind the mainspring again to keep it ticking.
Automatic is the standard in the watch industry. Many men prefer an automatic watch because the hand movements flow. With a quartz watch it ticks.

One of the disadvantages of an automatic watch is that they aren’t always as accurate as a quartz watch. Automatic watches tend to lose 30 seconds or so a week. There are super accurate watches available. Look for the certification Control Official Suisse des Chronometres. These watches often cost more.

A Pre-Owned or Brand New Watch

A pre-owned or brand watches good gifts. Pre-owned watches have one or more previous owners. Of course, a brand new watch has never been owned by anyone. A lot of vintage watches are available and are pre-owned. A person buying the gift should know if a man wouldn’t mind a pre-owned watch or not.

Look at the Wristbands of Each Men’s Watch

The wristband is what keeps the watch securely on a man’s write. Depending on the design, the watch may have a mental wristband that connects the watch’s case. It can also have straps. The straps are usually made of leather or fabric. A metal bracelet such as a silver or gold watch looks more masculine. They are often constructed to look chunky and big. Leather is typically the go-to option for dressy, more conventional styles.

Choose the Watch Style that Fits His Personality

Choosing a watch for a man as a gift is the perfect opportunity to give him a watch he’d never buy for himself. However, when picking the right watch, understand that it should be something unique and shows off his personal style. For instance, if he is a weekend warrior, pick a watch that helps him in the sport such as a smartwatch or dive watch. If he is a military man, he may love a field watch. If the watch is for a businessman, he may like a timepiece he can wear to a meeting or formal event. With so many styles and types of watches, it’s possible to find the best men’s watch for as the perfect gift.