Making Your Beats Sound More Professional

Many producers run into the issue of their beats not sounding high quality or professional. They may have figured out how to create catchy melodies and rhythms, but the quality just is not quite there yet. The main reasons for this are inexperience, lack of education and bad sound choices. Most producers struggle with making professional-sounding music when they are starting out. With time and experience, this is a problem that can be fixed.


The best way to learn anything is first-hand experience. This is especially true with music production. Until someone creates a melody or uses a compression plug-in themselves, they will not know what sounds good or bad. After a while, doing things the right way becomes muscle memory. Learning to produce music is similar to learning a second language. The longer someone does it, the better they become. Those who give up never reach their full potential.


A lack of education will prevent a person from mastering any craft. In the early stages of producing music, it is important to learn the correct techniques and procedures. If not, it is almost impossible to avoid sounding amateurish. Think of someone attempting to be a chef without knowing how a stove works. Music is art, but incorrect structure and bad formulas will sabotage a song’s chances of being listenable to the general population.

Certain things just sound bad to the average person. Education teaches producers how to avoid these mistakes. If a chef never learned that they must heat up oil before adding food when deep frying, would they ever be able to make great fried chicken? This does not mean a new producer has to go to a formal music school in order to make professional-sounding music. However, proper research is absolutely necessary.

There is a seemingly infinite amount of information that exists on music theory, music production and audio mixing. The more a producer learns about these topics, the better their chances of success become. It is similar to a soldier adding more weapons to their arsenal.

Better Sounds

Imagine a dance producer is working on a new beat. They choose a poor-quality sample to use that already sounds unprofessional. For them to create a professional sounding song, they will be fighting against that original sound the entire time. However, if they used a high quality edm samples, a lot of the hard work would already be done for them. They would only have to keep that professional quality as they add new sounds instead of chasing after it.

All the experience and education in the world will not make up for bad-quality samples and loops. Mixing is intended to make good sounds go well together. If someone is using bad-quality samples, all the mixing in the world is not going to help. A bad quality sample is similar to a vocal that was recorded on a toy microphone. It gives the producer an unnecessary disadvantage from the beginning. A great chef always uses the best ingredients.